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Tailor-made personal protective equipment
Wearing the proper personal protective equipment is an essential part of good agricultural practice. Bayer CropScience wants you to work with the best and the most appropriate protective clothing in any situation. Please use the BAYER DRESSCODE in order to determine the appropriate personal protective equipment for you.


This handy tool tells you what protective clothing you should ideally wear when using our products – whether in the preparation of a spray solution, when spraying or when cleaning your equipment. In addition, you will receive detailed and useful recommendations to the legal provisions in effect.

You deserve the same protection as your plants!
But are you protected as well?

How does this work?

1. Click the REGISTER button in order to request a user name and a password. Both will be sent to you by return mail. Check your emails first and then proceed as follows:
2. Click LOGIN as soon as you have completed your registration.
3. Enter your user name and your password on the landing page.

In just a few steps you get a quick and easy to understand advice on the proper protective equipment when using our products.

Your BENEFITS from the use of the BAYER DRESSCODE:
  • Good and appropriate advice on protective gear for you and your employees.
  • Size recommendation (depending on the situation, application and equipment).
  • Additional notes and online advice on the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.
  • The information can also be used as a printout in order to:
    • present the legal requirements for risk management and assessment in the context of occupational safety,
    • document the measures taken as part of certification systems such as GlobalGAP, VVAK, Natures Choice, BRC, etc.

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